Our Purpose

Honest is about helping good people like you to do the right thing with your money.

That advice should be great, simple + unconflicted.

Our Story

It started with our own experiences of financial stress.

Jac endured financial hardship in her mid-20s after a horrible incident at work. She started again from scratch, because she was young + she could.

Perhaps more painfully, Jac recently watched her blue-collar parents lose everything – their life savings, their retirement + their house – from a fraudulent investment.

It’s not just these kinds of stories that shouldn’t happen. It’s that all of us are getting screwed by not knowing what we should do with our money.

But why is it so complicated? Who can we trust? And why is it so expensive?

We (Jac + Sar) have known each other for almost 25 years and our careers have been totally different. But our financial experiences have led us to the exact same conclusion. That this should be simpler.

Between us—we get it. And we’re doing it with you.